Are you an artist, influencer, or someone who just wants to shoot for fun or for a special occasion?

I'd love to shoot ALL of it!

My passion lies in taking pictures of YOU! That means highlighting your beauty and confidence in any way that you wish. I LIVE for collaborating, having fun, making friends, and creating images that are fun and highlight who you are

Pricing Info for Personal Shoots.

I charge $150 an hour flat rate for personal shoots.

However, pricing will fluctuate based on the images that you are looking to create. For example, if you are looking for images that can only be created in a studio, there will be an additional cost to rent the studio. I can recommend studios at different price points. Other additional costs may include adding props or hiring a makeup artist or hair stylist

Pricing Info for Business Shoots (influencers, artists, shops)

Pricing will depend on the photos you want to create and the reason for use. Please contact me to set up a consultation, I would love to hear about your ideas!

For accurate pricing, please reach out and for a consultation! I try my best to lower the cost as much as possible to get you the images you want.

See my work below!